Biden wants $2.3 billion more for F-35s than the CDC

Speaking Security Newsletter | Advisory Note for Organizers and Candidates, n°82 | 13 May 2021

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Word is that Biden will ask Congress for 85 F-35s once his official fiscal year 2022 budget request drops. Bloomberg puts the cost of the buy at $11 billion. This figure seems low to me. Still, it’s $2.3 billion more than the $8.7 billion Biden requested for the entire CDC in the budget preview released last month.

Is this worse than Trump

Yes. Trump never requested more than 79. Which was bad enough considering the F-35 is complete dogshit (871 design flaws in 2020 and 873 in 2019, which means new problems are popping pretty much as fast as they’re fixing them). The program also eats up funds that could meaningfully support something else (like a second CDC).

* Data refers to each fiscal year’s initial budget request, via DOD Comptroller.

Congress typically buys more F-35s than the president requests

In large part because of members’ parochial interests. Terrific rundown by Sludge, here:

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