Defense industry lobbying is (mostly) subsidized by the public, a breakdown

Speaking Security Newsletter | Advisory Note for Organizers and Candidates, n°53 | 22 October 2020


Third quarter (July-Sept 2020) lobbying updates from defense industry giants (via Politico):

  • Boeing: $3 million

  • Lockheed Martin: $2.9 million

  • General Dynamics: $2.7 million

  • Raytheon: $2.2 million

  • Northrop Grumman: $2 million

Context - Lockheed Martin

Q3 will take Lockheed’s (producer of the F-35) lobbying expenditures to about $10 million so far in 2020:


Mostly your money

It’s fair to say that about 70 percent ($7 million) of Lockheed’s 2020 lobbying expenditures (~$10 million, so far) is subsidized by the public. Below is a breakdown of Lockheed’s total revenue for 2019 ($58.1 billion). About 70 percent ($40.7 billion) came from DOD contracts (that are funded by the DOD budget, i.e., public funds).



Revenue breakouts vary from year-to-year, but typically top defense contractors (listed above) are subsidized to roughly the same extent. For example in 2018, 80 percent of Northrop Grumman’s ‘sales’ came from DOD contracts.

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