Four amendments to repeal/curtail the 1033 program have been proposed

Speaking Security Newsletter | Advisory Note for Organizers and Candidates, n°114 | 17 September 2021

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Joe Biden can easily recall billions worth of military equipment transferred to police through the 1033 program, an authority that allows the Pentagon to transfer surplus combat gear to law enforcement agencies. He can do that or place a moratorium on the program by issuing an executive order (EO).

Because Biden hasn’t issued an EO on the 1033 program (even though he was supposed to), it’s now all on Congress to deal with it. For its part, the public wants the Pentagon to stop sending military gear to police. One reason might be because police become more violent the more military gear they receive through the 1033 program, contributing to a hideous upward trend:

The amendments

Here are links to the first one (Velázquez, et al); the second (Pressley, et al); third (Ocasio-Cortez, et al); fourth (Johnson, et al).

Outright repealing the 1033 program like the first one does is ideal. The rest are compromises, but steps in the right direction.

From what I’m hearing, only one or two will make it the floor for an actual vote which, in itself, is also a step forward.

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