Pentagon gifts $18.1 million in military gear to police over past 3 months

Speaking Security Newsletter | Advisory Note for Organizers and Candidates, n°91 | 2 July 2021

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Data released yesterday by the Defense Logistics Agency show that $18,051,899 worth of military equipment passed through the 1033 program last quarter (1 April - 30 June 2021). Including non-military equipment, the total was $42,880,310.

Among military-grade equipment, the most common items transferred were high-capacity magazines for either assault rifles or submachine guns (1,666 worth $25,637). The next most common item were optical mounts for weapons (810 worth $411,950). After that, night vision or thermal imaging accessories (283 worth $1.3 million).

The categorical item with the highest value was military vehicles. There were 39 military vehicles (including 6 MRAPs) worth $8.3 million and 18 unmanned ground vehicles worth $3.1 million sent to police last quarter.

1033 program transfers since 2013

Biden could have stopped these transfers. He could have done that and recalled the billions of dollars in military gear sent to police through the program since 1990 simply by issuing an executive order. Instead, he’s so far decided to do nothing. This puts additional pressure on advocates to convince Congress to reign in (and hopefully abolish) the program.

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